Sixty-three not out

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Sixty-three not out

Hello, I'm Nick.  If you want to know more then press Play below.

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Why no-one watches athletics ...

Training tonight; fast run on road (fast being a relative term here).  Two laps round Hammer Vale circuit; first lap 40:08, second lap 43:02; total time 83:10.  Well I am improving slowly. I have moved up from dead slow to just plain slow. ...

Weekend long run

A dull grey morning; ran down the hill to Hankley Common, did one long loop of the common then back up the hill and home.  Total time 2 hours and 20 minutes; not too bad.     Hankley Common can be a highly e...

First post.......first moan

Well here it is, my first post, and already I'm complaining, (might as well start out as I mean to continue)!  Have just tried to enter the Twickenham 10 mile race next month only to find the race is full up, no further entries. The cheek of it, d...