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Pete W's Blog 2009-13 - How did it get...

The first Virgin London Marathon on 25th April 2010 was, I think, my 19th marathon, I'm now on 21 - a journey which started with the Pony British Marathon in Bolton in August in 1981. Which I entered as a fit (cocky) young footballer who had done 3 training runs!!  Yes you read that correctly 3 training runs and not surprisingly I finished in 5:05 but thinking that if I trained properly I could go quicker.

I soon learnt how to do it right, thanks to a group of runners at Oldham & Royton Harriers, the Club I still belong to and where I coach the road runners. By the following June (1982) they had me running sub 3 hours after teaching me how to train and how to race. Now I try to pass that knowledge on to others at the Club, at work and on here - you only have to ask.

My marathon times range from that 5:05 to the 2:50:25 I ran at the 1983 London marathon the third one and the 30th London saw me running 3:33 - a lot of 3s in there for some reason! Now in my 50s (56 last May) I'm not getting quicker although over the last few years I've run 3:30:05 in London 2008, 3:27:53 in Belfast 2009, 3:33:00 at 2010 VLM so fairly consistent, then I blew up at VLM 2011 with 3:48 and for 2012 I paced one of the runners I coach, running the very wet Greater Manchester Marathon in 3:45.  Next target will be London 2013 as I deferred my entry for 2012.

I love running and helping runners and I'm a big fan of running Clubs, having been a member of one for over 30 years. Anyone who wants any help just ask!

Happy running!

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