Just a wee bit nervous!

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Just a wee bit nervous!

I can't believe that really at the end of this week it will be only 10 weeks until the marathon!

Somehow I have to get from running 10 miles in my long run to at least 18-20 miles in the next 5 weeks! Was supposed to run for 2 hours on Sunday but my left foot and its plantar fasciatis problem was really bothering me and I decided to call it a day after an hour. 

That said, I have been sticking with the 6 day training program and I think that it did me more good than harm to lay off the long runs for a couple of weeks in the early part of January. I also did a really good interval training session today around Regents Park (closest to where i work), achieving a time that is akin to what I was running when I trained for the Royal Parks Half Marathon 18 months ago. 

I have bought new trainers now and hope this will help settle this problem with my left foot because no amount of stretching achilles, feet, calves etc seems to be doing the trick. I had a sports massage about a month ago which helped a lot and decided it was time to repeat that this weekend. 

At the meet the experts forum the other week, I overheard a few people mention that acupuncture is really good for tight glute muscles. But I feel as though I've spent a lot of dosh on this running malaki already... what do you think? Does everything just feel extra tight because of the extra cold days?

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