Marathon Virgin to Marathon Runner Extraordinaire

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Marathon Virgin to Marathon Runner Extraordinaire

I have been given a charity ballot place in the London Marathon.........I am a blob who hasn't been running since 2009 and doesn't own a pair of trainers!

This blog, along with my vlog will document my transition from non-running blob to marathon finisher. I will of course get some trainers! And although I haven't run for a while, I have completed a half marathon and 5k. Plus, I used to play rugby so my body should remember how things work.

More about me and who I'm running for is in my first post xxx

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What a Wonderful World

Well, what a lovely, useful reaction to my first post. Thanks guys! So advice garnered so far..... Get my gait analysed Buy two pairs of trainers Believe Ditch the blob talk Keep on keeping on Great advice. I will be googling running shops in my local...

Let's Get Started

Erm.......first ever blog so bear with me dears.... So... I'm doing the London Marathon and have a long way to go....(remember the lack of running and trainers) I am a newly qualified children's nurse. I've spent the last 3 years completing my degree an...