Anything to keep fit...

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Tracey Smith


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Anything to keep fit...

All I want to do is to keeep fit, to keep my weight nice and steady and to live a long life with no major issues. Not much to ask really except I have asthma, arthritis, Reynauds Syndrome, no thyroid, depression and the list goes on..

I can't eat what I want because I put on weight, then I get down and eat more, when I go for a run or a ride my fingers nd toes freeze over (it's surprising how cold they do get) I stretch out to maintain flexibility but my lower back siezes and muscles start to spasm, so why on earth do I bother?

Mainly because the alternative (fat, unfit, sad and unhealthy) is a far worse option but also because I thoroughly enjoy being active. I love the buzz of achieving something that takes me out of my comfort zone.

I'm hoping this diary / blog will help me when my mood is low and when the medication doesn't work, that it will help me to focus on what I'm doing rather than dwelling on what's going wrong. Fingers crossed it works. x

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