helping my sister train for the Guernsey Marathon 2014!

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helping my sister train for the Guernsey Marathon 2014!

My sister has always said she wanted to run a marathon before she hit 30 and also to run for charity. She has therefore picked this year's local marathon - the Guernsey Waterfront Marathon, 24th August 2014 - and has chosen Cancer Research UK as her charity :)

As I have run a marathon before (Brighton, 2011), I have agreed to help with the training and also run the race with her for support. This means running at her pace and walking if she needs to walk. I have promised to support her all the way along and this is what I will do :) I MUST remember this is HER run and not get caught up in the moment! I have registered for the Jersey Marathon on 5th October, so that will be my run :)

I'm sure there will be lots of ups and downs but I remember the feeling of crossing that finish line and want to share that with her :)



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Well, we are on track! Warm 18 miler yesterday (3hrs 36 minutes) so we seem to be running bang on 5 miles an hour. Hamstring is a little sore but other than that, we are looking good to go. The day will be tough (squishing 10/12 weeks of training into 4...

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