6 Stars and London sub 4

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Vin Donald-Trinh


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6 Stars and London sub 4

Life goes through lots of ups and downs. Chapters. The ups are great, the downs just batter you and stops you in our tracks.

But like running we just need time to figure out how to work through the down bits and then come through and kick on again. The test is always how we handle the downs because the ups are easy.

Each person deals with it differently and takes it in their own time. So, this is me back again. The goal still not achieved but the desire still as strong.

The goals are simple: -

1. Sub 4 at London. No where else. Only at London. I owe it to her.

2. World Majors 6 Star medal to include Athens. London and Berlin done.

Now a call to the 'old guards' for help to continue my journey......

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I make this call out....all Real Buzzers, Assemble💪 Please help me to Chicago. You all know who you are ❤💪✌👍❤