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Back into the swing

Training is hard isn't it. Especially if you want to make a difference to your body. Surely it’s impossible to get that desired body, Right?

Maybe, because everyone is different, some ways of working out do not work for other people. As a PT, I would not have a 70 year old doing burpees, or a marathon runner doing power lifting.

I would change the workouts to fit the specific needs of the client I'm training. PT's are versatile and adapt to the situation, it’s one of our best gifts.

But that's not going to change your mind about how impossible it is to change your body. What would? A nice tale of how one person managed to go from morbidly obese to running marathons? Well I could do that, but there are enough of those stories plastered across the internet.

Those stories miss out on some of the simplest things. They tell the final story, but what about the pain to get started. The months of torture to get out and just walk. Because that's the start for a lot of people and that's where they fail. The starting blocks.

It’s not easy. The start is usually the hardest thing, the will power needed to endure that first part is almost immeasurable.

But once you've passed that phase, then what?

Give up?

You've come this far, gone through all that pain. For what? Just to throw it away? Why?

You've got to make that pain count for something.

So get up, dust yourself off, and get moving again.

I'll see you out there.

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