Plodding towards the start line in 2016

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Plodding towards the start line in 2016

Hello and thanks for stopping by. It all began with a lovely letter rom the GP in January telling me that as I am now the wrong side of 40 I am entitled to a free health check. I went along and they did various tests, all of which were fine and I came away with the usual advice that my weight was a bit too high, nothing I didn't already know. But having lost my Dad to dementia two years ago and my Mum suffering a stroke at the same time, I was aware how quickly age creeps up and something clicked and I decided to sort things out.

I joined MyFitnessPal, bought myself a Fitbit, joined thee local gym and got started. I lost 2 stone over the next few months, completed C25K having never really run before and found a love for kettlebell classes too. Whie wwatching the marathon I decided to enter the ballot, I did the marathon 9 years ago but practically walked the whole thing, and have always wanted to have a go at training and doing it properly.

The aim was to build up to doing 10k before the ballot results came out but I had an ankle injury in July which put paid to doing any running over the summer, so when the lovely Bumblebee magazine arrived a couple of weeks ago there was a mix of excitement and nervous apprehension at the thought of what lay ahead.

I have decided to follow Galloways training plan, using a mix of running and walking. I have ordered his book but am waiting for postie to bring that to my door still. In my head I am aiming for sub 5 hours but there is a long way to go so we will see whether thats realisetic as time goes on.

In the meantime I have spent lots of time sorting out some other bits in readiness; I have ordered another pair of trainers - I had my gait analysed about 6 months ago and have managed to pick up another pair of trainers (same style but different colour) for half-price in the sale :) I have also spent time planning routes on MapMyRun.

Lastly I am still trying to choose between charities to support - I know it will be a cancer related one, one of my housemates from University has stage 4 lung cancer and my sister is currently undergoing tests for a suspected sarcoma. I need to decide whether to go for a big one like Cancer Resesarch or MacMillan or to support a local hospice. 

So, to the training - this week, which is week one of my training I have done 5km twice on the treadmill and this morning have done it on the roads. The treadmill ones were both approx 34 minutes, the roads was 31 minutes dead on, this included the walking breaks and confirmed walking breaks doesn't slow me down as before my ankle injury I did 5km in 30 minutes with no walking breaks. I have done it with 4 minutes running, 1 minute walking, but once i get the book I may need to adjust that. At this stage it seems crazy to me to imagine I can keep that up for 5 hours, but I'm sure if I trust in the system it will get me there! I've also done my kettlebell class on Monday.

Thank you for reading this mammoth post - I will try and update most days, if only so I can look back and see the progress I've made when things feel tough along the way :) 

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