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First of many

I have been running since 2006, after i had a health sacre, with work getting in the way, could only do certain days so got myself a secondhand treadmill along with a stepper, rower and bike,

Every other morning i would spend 20 mins between all the machines, joined a women running group that went out once a week, Did my first 10 mile run with then at the Great South Run,

2007 saw me doing my first marathon for Spinal Inury Association, I then did one every year with a couple of years running 2.

Having done London. Berlin. Brighton ( one of my favourites) and Windermere (which was beautiful)

Its been very  hard i won't lie with lossing both my mother-in-law to heart failure 2009 and a year later my own mother to cancer 2010 ..running has helped me to keep going especially as the end of the same year my father was taken ill with bone cancer and was in a wheelchair for awhile,

Every year i have done my best to also raise money for a different charity and  so far it is above £30000.00

Last year i had to close my buseness due to it being reloctaed. and found i had some time on my hands, so what do you do sign up for a marathon or in my case 7 marathons a endur24 and tough mudder being me i also decided to carry on and raise money for a charity. This year it is for #Help4heroes.

Christmas saw me out every other day following a training program and on my days of no running at the gym to work on my core and strength, seven weeks before the Brighton Marathon i start on a new career as a PTinstructor so my running was reduced but gym work increased. Getting ready to pack up and move house, has all played a part.

The day of the Brighto Marathon came I felt strong and relaxed, off I set at a good steady pace still feeling strong then came mile 14 and it turned into a struggle my legs still felt good and strong but they didnt feel like they had the milages left in them so ended up doing a walk/run but thanks to all the great support from my husband and also BOSH i felt i could run the last mile so off i went finishing a lot slower than i had hoped but still 3 mins faster that last year. coming in a 5hrs 23 mins 

My next Marathon is in 3 weeks time Top G-run 


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