Week 1 of Marathon Training

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Week 1 of Marathon Training

Day 1 7th December 2015

Today was meant to be the start of my training for 5 Marathons a endurance24 Solo and Tough Mudder next year....but due to illness i spent the day with my farther in Lymington hospital and went for a 4.03 km walk on return...so made this my rest day


Walked the 2 miles to gym as warm up where i did 20x High Row B/W...20x Low Row B/W..20x Chest Press B/W....35x Squats with a 15kg core bag....16x Shoulder Press with 5k dumbbells and 11x 12ins box jumps, finding that i was struggaling i call the gym aday as i knew i had to run home..so did 3 miles slow at avg 7.14 pace..On return put the lead on are dog and went for a 1.6 mile walk as she restricted on what allowed to do.


After the struggle i had the day before needed something to help so i decided to wear my Helf 4 Heroes vest as motivation and went out to do a slow happy 4 mile run at 6/37avg pace followedby a 1.6 milw walk.


Walked the 2 warm up miles to gym where i did 60x High Rows...60x Low Rows..60x Chest Press..60 xsquarts with a 20lb corebag..30x Shoulder Press with 6 kg dumbbellss...40 jumps on 12 ins box..50x 16kg Kettelbell swings...40x Lat bar at 22 amd 40x Chest Press at 17.5...Followed by a steady 2.75 mile run home avg 6.38 pace


Was rest day so went xmas shopping around Lyndhurst..with a short dog walking when back home.


Park run dont usely run when its muddy but had fun and did a slow time of 34.33 min avg 6.31 pace..followed by a 2 mile dog walk


Was meant as a 7 mile run....but have made this a rest day and spent time with dad in hospital, which i think is much more important than training 


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