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in my infinite wisdom i have decided that i shall run the GNR this year, so have literally just applied.

i realise it's very oversubscribed, so shall run for a charity with a guaranteed place if i don't get in.

easy, now i just have to dig out my shoes and running gear and leave it lying around to make myself feel guilty....

and maybe find a running partner.....

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too late?

Having had no motivation, and very little time to myself, i'm wondering if it's too late to do this now? I'm sure i could do it if i tried.... but i'm doing too many things at the same time, and not doing any of them well. i need a bloody good plan.

And they're off!

Have received a confirmation of my place in the GNR, which means i can run for Coeliac UK, yay! have set up a justgiving place, so now there's no turning back.... since these things are done i can't change my mind! a few people have asked 'so when are y...

it sounded like a good idea!

so, having applied for a place, i need to get on the road. after a year of bad health, i'm feeling in control. think this will help me take control again. am quite looking forward to the training! just need to get out there!   wish me luck....