London Baby! Yeah

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London Baby! Yeah

Absolutley made up that I am once again running the London Marathon and in such an eventful year of Sport, 2012!

Last year I had a break from the London Marathon and decided to sit back and watch it on the TV. Instead I decided to complete 100 miles of Road running for my favorite charity Cash for Kids which is based as part of many commertial local radio stations, including my very own Radio City 96.7 in Liverpool. I competed a number of local races in Liverpool including the revamped Mersey Marathon. I also squeezed in the Amazing Edinburgh Marathon too!

This year Im back, better than ever. Fitter, Slimmer and healthier. I admit, Last year was hard going. I was exhausted by the end. This year I feel stronger and ready to smash some PB's.

Are you doing a race?

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