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Fitness freak?

I have always been a fitness freak. However, after completing my 5th london marathon- i feel that i am beginning to burn out...and im only 22 years old!

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So this is it...Berlin

Flights are booked, Germany here we come! The Berlin Marathon is this sunday the 30th of September...Good luck Langers, 2:04 to beat... 1. Paul Tergat (Kenya) - 2:04:55 - WORLD RECORD!

Ankle Injury

Whilst playing football at the wkend i went over on my ankle due to the poor playing service. I am probably out of action for the wk. I have Berlin at the end of the mth! The 15 mile run went well on thursday. Felt great afterwards, i...

tonight is the night!

I am going on the ultimate run tonight. At least 15 miles! i promise! I will be back in here tomorrow, telling everyone how much pain i'm in! I am so motivated after a couple of days without exercise! Come on!

England v Germany

I set myself a punishment last night. I missed the England vs Germany game to go to a 2 hr football training session in the pouring rain with my team. They were all amazed to see me there as i never miss an England game. I feel so goo...


I missed last nights 15 mile training session because i given a free ticket to watch Spurs against everton. Oh my gosh, we were awful! I think i could have stepped in a done a job at left back. Being a tottenham fan goes on...


As i mentioned, ive just registered for Berlin- race is sept 30th. However, ive just signed for a football team in tooting. As you all know, the different muscle types will really affect my performance in both. Not sure what to do?

10K run

We completed the 10k run in 48mins. Our goal, was to break the 50min mark. My housemate complained about a blister half way round, i pushed her through the pain to the very end. She removed her trainer (footwear not me!) and her foot was covered ...

Silent treatment is over!

She is now speaking to me- thanks for all the advise on the forums! Its only lasted 2 wks. We have our 10k run on Sunday- will keep you up to date. Hopefully we will hit our target time and cross the line hand in hand!

Silent Run

As you know i am training my housemate at the moment for a 10k run. However, we have managed to full out  but still train together- hence 'silent run'. I create small talk and she doesnt answer. What shall i do?????????

Dumped by the French

Frenchy and i ended our short relationship with a pathetic arguement- which i was not to blame for! I spoke to her in french, but the only bit of french i know is - what is in your pencil case? She thought i was suggesting something dirty and sta...

Date with the French

I had a night off from the fitness last night. Went on a lovely date with a french girl. I dont think i should of had that last glass of red because ive suggested we go away this wkend to paris! WHY?! It was only our second date. She was so happy. Hope ...

Training my housemate

I forgot to tell you about my tuesday night run. I am training my housemate. We have both entered a 10k run next mth. She is a very competitive girl. We managed 49 minutes. I am keeping a training stats...


We had a 5- a-side game last night. Lost 23-17. My team are yet to win a game. There's some strong competition in our league. However, i am playing with players who are below par; ability wise. However, the player's attitutes are next to nothing- 100% e...

Strong mind?

My mind is far stronger than my body. My knees are in a world of pain after the last marathon. I have played a few games of football since but no running. I am starting again tonight!