What does "good" look like?

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Lynda Bennett


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What does "good" look like?

I have been running on (and mainly off) for the last ten years.  In the last year I have joined a running club and have started to enjoy running in a way that I never did before.  I know I will never be a top club runner but I am keen to improve and discover what good looks like for me.  I also want to try new challenges and see what adventures I can have through running.  This blog is my way of recording the ambitions, frustrations, achievements and inevitable setbacks and most importantly the fun that running brings.

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On to Bristol

One of the downsides of my new enthusiasm about running is how easy it is to get carried away when it comes to entering races.  A quick chat with fellow runners about what is up and coming in the race calendar invariably leads to a few clicks on the com...

Making my way to the start line

When did you start running?  It’s a common enough question between runners and a difficult one  to answer.  Technically like most people I’ve been running since I could walk.  Except it is not quite the same. Memories of childhood running are of joyous,...