My first and last Marathon

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My first and last Marathon

Ive always wanted to run a marathon, of course the only one really is London, I knew it would be next year or never.

I started running well jogging about 6 months ago , but only once a week as i love fitness classes and was doing 4 a week.

Now cut back on the classes and doing more running.

Did a 10k for cancer research in sept and was proud of a time of 59 mins (hilly course and very very hot day for sept). I had done a 10k 11 years ago in 1.05 so now older and half a stone heavier and 2 kids, i think thats ok! lol

Didnt get a place through the public ballot but bagged a golden bond place with a local charity. So here i am now, trying to raise £1500 for Sobell House Hospice in Oxford and determine to run the marathon in a decent time!



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This week

Mon- 10mins on treadmill then straight to Body attack class Tues- rest Wed- 45 mins on treadmill then straight to Body Balance class Thurs- am run 5miles steady Fri- rest Sat- run 6 miles Sun- run 3 miles fast (ish) Thats the plan anyway x