3-month challenge before I get to 40

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3-month challenge before I get to 40

In 3 months time I hit 40. Over the past few years I've been the heaviest that I have ever been and the most unfit. When I first joined realbuzz 8 years ago I was a size 8/10 and a regular (albeit reluctant) gym goer. I started running and in 2007 I managed my first 10k and in 2009 a half marathon.  How times have changed.  My aim over the next 3 months is to get fitter, lose the weight I've gained and get more energy. My specific goals are as follows:

Weight Loss goal:lose 6 kg (65kg to 59kg)

Minimum Exercise goals: exercise 4 times a week in the first month, moving to five times per week in the second and third months. 3 of these sessions should contain resistance exercises

Try a different gym class every month (I'm not good at doing this so this is a challenge for me)

Eat healthy 80% of the time

I don't want to add anything more just yet as I want my goals to be realistic to achieve. This is my last 3 months at 39 and feeling fat and unfit.  Roll on 40.

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