Gym Session 3 - Urrgh... poor

Posted on: 13 Aug 2012

Escaped to the gym again this evening. Worst session for a while. Not sure what was wrong, just generally sluggish, heavy legged and a bit sore in the ankles.

For the first time since I've been timing myself over 2km rows, my time was slower than previously. 9:19min is worse than my last two attempts and its annoying to take a step backwards.

I'm interested to know what people tend to eat/drink during the hours leading up to good, energetic sessions and whether those things consistently make them feel better during exercise. Anything to avoid too.

So generally, today was just a bit downbeat and disappointing. Hopefully back to normal at the next session. I think I'll give the treadmill a miss next time and give my ankles a chance to recover.

Notes from the gym spreadsheet for today's session:

Cycled 10mins at between 65RPM and 80RPM. Rowed 2000m in 9:19.3min including brief stop after 1000m. Did leg, back, stomach and shoulder weights. Ran 1km but not particularly quickly. Inner legs and ankles sore when running. Finished off with some shoulder weights. Felt sluggish, little energy. Not sure what was wrong.

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