VMLM 53 Days to go

Posted on: 28 Feb 2017

I didn't manage to start training until 10:15pm yesterday. Late getting the kids to bed meant I didn't eat until 9pm.

I had a 10 mile easy run planned, but cut it short to 10k as I was still feeling tired from last week and only wanted to go slow. 

I took the easy option of the treadmil in the garage and caught up on an episode of 'the walking dead'- being chased by zombies makes me want to run faster, but I stuck to 10kph with a 1% incline to ensure I keep putting some miles in my tired legs. 

Tonight it is intervals or a tempo run. I am keen to find a better place for night time intervals. I am surrounded by hills and I want to find a 1k stretch or loop that is relitively flat, has street lights and not too busy. The supermarket carpark can be busy and I get odd looks from night time shoppers. 

With seven weeks to go, the next four or five interval sessions are key... 


Jake Fricker (Author of - I am a Runner)

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