VMLM 52 days to go

Posted on: 01 Mar 2017

Managed to get some solid intervals in last night. It was fairly windy and cold, but the four pancakes helped to keep me warm... 

By 9pm the station carpark was fairly quiet and a circuit of the perimiter gave me 300m of fairly flat runnig. I used my GPS watch to calculate the laps to give me two and a half circuits to get to 1000m, then a slow jog back to the starting line before starting over. 

During the intervals I went at my 5k pace 3:55/km with 30 seconds rest. The location was un-inspiring so I only put in 5 intervals before heading back on to the hills near home to top up my daily distance to 10k. 

I had a 5 mile loop around the Thames planned for lunch time today, but felt a slight twinge in my left shin yesterday so taking an extra rest day. I am pretty sure it is muscular and not splints, but better to be safe than sorry. 

I am only at 13 miles for the week, but 10-12 miles on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday will keep me on track. 

Jake Fricker (Author of I am a Runner)


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