VMLM 50 days to go - training through an injury

Posted on: 03 Mar 2017

After a day off on Wednesday due to some soreness in my left shin I took to the treadmill last night to gently test if there was any damage. 

Shin splints is a major worry for any runner training for a race. The hours of training that goes in to then find you are ruled out of a race by over training can be devastating.

I had ramped up my distance to 47 miles last week from 40 in the last few weeks, and one of the trail runs took me on to tarmac for 40% of the run in my less cushioned trail shoes.

This brought on a slight twinge in my left shin when running the first kilometer. I have checked my leg and can’t find any sore points on the bone, but my calf muscles have some knots that make my eyes water to massage. I am hopeful this is the cause of the pain and some extra stretching/foam roller and massage will stop this pain from developing in to an injury.

I have also opted to reduce my distance from the rest of the week. Last night was 4 ½ miles on the treadmill at a very slow pace (10kph). I would normally run for 1h 30- 2h and add in some speed work on a Thursday, but last night forced myself to stay slow.

After the warmup I didn’t feel any pain, but at 45 mins a sudden jolt from my shin told me to call it a day. During my post run stretch I strapped an ice pack to the sore shin and spent some time massaging the sore muscle.

I had no pain this morning, but a slight twinge when I ran for my train so something is not quite right.

I would love to do a 15 mile run tomorrow morning and then 10 on Sunday as I have only done 18 miles so far this week, but being sensible I will restrict myself to some core work this evening, 10k on Saturday and if there are no adverse effects do a long run on Sunday.

With 7 weeks to go I am missing out on peak training time. 17 miles is my longest run to date, over the next month I would like to do a couple to 20 mile runs to check my endurance levels, I hope my legs can keep up with me…

Jake Fricker (Author of I am a Runner)


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