Slowly getting back into the running groove

Posted on: 25 Oct 2013


A week at University living away from home with somebody who is a secret 'feeder' (you know who you are!) didn’t help my training however, despite almost eating my body weight in plain chocolate I still managed to get out for two decent runs - an 6 mile interval run and a 3 mile tempo run (which absolutely killed me).


My current training focus is on breaking the 40 minute barrier in the Leeds Abbey Dash on the 17th November. I ran 41.28 last year so it’s been a year’s target of mine to break 40 minutes fingers crossed!


So having spent the week at university being fed numerous amounts of gluten and diary (both of which I usually have excluded from the diet due to perceived sensitivities) by the 'feeder' I actually struggled when out running. I ran an interval run of 6 miles on the Monday followed by a slightly better tempo run of 3 miles which I actually did in 20 minutes despite feeling awful bloated and lethargic (thank you blueberry wheat’s), however despite this I felt pleased that I got out and at least trained.


Despite a poor week last week and a very heavy night of drinking on Friday (of which I remember nothing) followed by a full 90 minutes of football on Saturday I actually got out for a long distance steady-state run on the Sunday. I managed to get out for 11 miles despite taking a couple of knocks at football which I was very happy about however I didn’t appreciate the lovely blood blister on my little toe!


As mentioned in my last blog I have decided to follow a 3-runs a week program called the FiRST program. This is based on 3 key runs a week:


  • Key Run 1 – An interval run with intervals 45 seconds faster than 10km pace (Killers)
  • Key Run 2 – A tempo/threshold run with pace 15-30 seconds slower than 10km pace
    • Key Run 3 – A long distance steady state run with pace at planned marathon pace + differing amounts of seconds (ranging between 15-45 seconds slower than PMP)


Has/does anybody else follow this training program and if so what sort of results have they gotten from it?


This week training has gone well a recovery run home from work on Monday (approximately 2 miles), an interval run on Monday (2 miles warm up, 5x2 minute and 1x1 minute intervals, 2 miles cool down) and a tempo/threshold run tonight (1 mile warm up, 4 miles at threshold and 1 mile cool down). This has left me feeling pretty confident for the upcoming Abbey Dash.


I have also started running whilst not listening to music this has taken a little bit of getting use to as you are very much alone with your thoughts which can make the difficult moments of runs very dark places involving a lot of pain! However my thinking behind this is hopefully quite logical, I am planning on running the London Marathon without music in order to soak up the atmosphere throughout the run. I would be interested on other people’s thoughts on this philosophy and whether they prefer running with or without music?


However despite this the one good thing to come from a full week of training is I have got my running mojo back – I am now actually looking forward to going out running again and also enjoying runs whilst I am out instead of seeing them as a chore. This can only be a good thing if I am going to stay motivated during the upcoming long plods over the coming months!


Also this week the ‘feeder’ managed to get me addicted to peanut butter resulting in me eating a full tub of the crunchy stuff in a week! However it has at least allowed me to eliminate it from my pre-running nutrition as after eating it before running it definitely didn’t agree with me resulting in lovely stomach cramps during my interval run (lesson learnt). I am still learning what works for me pre-run and luckily this is now eliminated. I would be interested to know what other people eat pre-run?  if anybody has any suggestions please advise me?


As I round up this blog I am currently fills with slight excitement for my long distance run on Sunday – the running bug must be coming back! Hope everybody has an enjoyable week of training.



My race number all ready to go for next month

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