6 bloody seconds! - 3:15:06

Posted on: 21 Apr 2013

6 bloody seconds.... thats the cost of having to stop for a pee at mile 8.  Still very very happy especially as it was ridiculously hot and I was blowing 6 miles in. 


Probably started too quick but was enjoying it and did the first half in 1:30:15 then my dodgy knee went at mile 16 and I started cramping I  both legs with 5 miles to go. 

Crowd and my wife (at mile 13 and 22) kept me going somehow but I couldn't summon the energy to make up those 6 seconds. My pee stop and a bad mile 19 did me in. Heat was bad and I visited every shower station and had to pour water over myself. 


Amazing day topped by getting a handshake from Richard Branson at the finish (respect to him for that).





Sad to say the only RB I met was Sammi' s other half... sorry. Kept an eye out but couldn't see snyone obvious!



Utterly amazing day and almost want to do it again tomorrow. ... however my body feels broken for now.





Well done everyone, really tough conditions after such a cold winter!

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