Time to be sensible......

Posted on: 01 Apr 2015

A quick catch up on last weeks activities and the importance of playing the game sensibly.


As I am running "Off Plan" now I had previously managed 20.5 miles which I was really please with. The next couple of days my legs felt fine and there was a definite spring in the step. 


I carried out a fast and hard mid week run involving some serious hills over 8 miles and still managed to average a sub 7 minute/ mile pace.


All things looked good for Sunday..... except the weather. It was a miserable day with gusty wind and rain. Realising it wasn't going to stop anytime soon I set off hoping not to be blown around too much. Admittedly heading up to Dartmoor which is high and exposed probably wasn't the best idea and running headlong into traffic whilst being blown around and trying not to get blown into the path of an oncoming car wasn't that clever either.

Being completely disorganised I hadn't charged my Garmin enough for the run so turned off the GPS and just recorded my time instead. I was going to run the same route as the week before so I already knew the distance.

Even with the wind and rain and the 10km uphill route to Dartmoor I was surprised to see that I had hit 10km in 41 minutes (4 minutes quicker than the week before in much better conditions). I hit the Plym Valley trail and started my long gradual descent.

Around 10 miles in I began to notice my right achiles feeling a little sore so I slowed up. As I passed the next 3 miles this got progressively worse and I slowed further. By the time I hit 13.1 miles I was 4 minutes behind the time I had recorded the week before and my running form had sufferred to the point I was running with a limp.


At that point I decided to be sensible and stop. Having no phone on me (again, not the best idea given parts of my route), I had to walk the 3 miles home from here. I tried to walk/jog in places but it was too painful so went back to walking.


With less than 4 weeks to go I didn't want to do any serious damage so whilst I was disappointed, the decision to bail out was the right one.


This week I have chosen as a rest week. I am not going for a midweek run but will rest my legs completely and then aim to do a comfortable 8-10 miles at the weekend. I will follow that up with one last intensive week with a 20-22 mile long run leaving me a 2 week taper before London.

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