Balls........ this is not the time to pick up an injury!

Posted on: 06 Apr 2015

It pays to listen to what your body is telling you.....

2 weeks ago I ran 20.5 miles but ran the last 4 slow as my calf and hamstring felt a little tight.

Last week I bailed after 13  miles and did the 3 mile walk of shame home when my calf and achilies felt sore.


This week I rested..... No mid week run and only 8.5 mikes on Sunday night. I flew the first few but had no garmin on me so wasn't keeping track of pace. At mile 6 I got a twinge in my a hilies and calf again so slowed a little. By mile 7 I was heading uphill when I got a sharp stabbing pain. In my achilies and lower calf. I got to the end of my run in a reasonable 1:00:16 (7:02/mile average) but instantly knew something wasn't right.


I've iced it last 2  nights but my achilies and lower calf is very sore.....


Not best pleased at all 😟

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