VLM 2015 Meet up... and 10 Reasons why 26.2 miles is easy!

Posted on: 22 Apr 2015

I don't think anyone has organised anything so how about 9am in the Red Start by the Lucozade Sport stand where they give out free bottles of lucozade sport. We can all wave at Vin in his truck then!


For those in the Blue start... boooooo!!!! :P see you at mile 3!


and.... just to raise some smiles..... Thought I would revive and update this post from 2013


Here are my thoughts about why the London Marathon will be easy!


1. No restrictive winter running gear

2. No dodging dogs on leads, children running around not looking up or if you have ever tried running in London... dodging the constant puffs of cigarette smoke!

3. Not having to carry your own water for 20 miles

4. Not having to keep stopping for traffic when crossing roads

5. After several hundred training miles.... only 26 left to go!

6. You are fitter and faster than when you started training

7. You are probably also a little lighter

8. Running with thousands of training partners to encourage you along

9. Running past thousands upon thousands of spectators cheering you towards the line and shouting YOUR name!

10.... my favourite.... NO HILLS..... thankfully!!!!!!


So imagine your most difficult training run and then realise how easy the VLM is made for you and it will be a piece of cake!!!! Laughing (I hope)

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