Trying a new tactic - Eating!

Posted on: 09 Sep 2016

Hey everyone....  I'm Back!!!!


Its been a long while since I last posted and to be honest I took a little time off to sort things out. After London 2015 I faired quite well and had entered Bournemouth later that year and Brighton 2016. Unfortunately a series of injuries, most noticeably a hip complaint derailed me and to be honest it got me down.


I found that I had a wonky hip and actualy I'm a bt lopsided for a number of reasons (including a winging scapula which drops my right shoulder down). A great physio helped me out with my hip issues but it meant I ahd to write off Bournemouth... so I though Brighton would be a good target when I failed to make the 2016 London ballot (surprise!!!). Having promised my long sufferring wife that I would never again go down the charity route (been there twice) I was still mindful of targetting a GFA.


But... then I got a call in January from the BBC and had been accepted to appear on their programme Wanted Down Under... Yes... the Vickerstaff Family will be on telly in January! Whether we head to the land of Oz or not, you will have to watch and wait and see. However.... that knocked Brighton on the head.


The outcome of all of this was that I spent 12 months doing very little training, lots of work, lots of takeaways, eating out when working away and feeling a little depressed through not running so eating cake instead!


I put on nearly a stone (even though there is nothing to me) and notice a significant difference in my fitness and ability to carry my previous pace whilst carrying a little extra weight. So I have started to focus some of my attention on nutrition now that I am back running again.


My failure to hitt a GFA in 2015 came down to a poor refueling strategy during the race and prior to now I had always treated running as an excuse to just eat more of whatever I wanted... not really considering how nutrition might help.


So.................   I am currently trying a 3 phase cycle of changing my nutrition and training habits - It's the Joe Wicks 90 Day SSS plan which is all over social media. I'm 3/4 way through Cycle 1.

Cycle 1 is fatburning, where you eat 3 meals a day (all low carb) except on training days when you refuel with a carb meal after training only. Its suppossed to get the body working the long term energy stores rather than the short term glycogen stores. Makes training harder when you have been on low carbs then try and get the body to run flat out for 8 miles!

Cycle 2 will be working on increasing strength and muscle

Cycle 3 will be stripping excess fat

I'm hoping that building this into my running will shed some of the excess weigth I don't need but also build up some of the core muscles that I do need (Will probably find myself heavier at the end of it but leaner). Ultimately it gets you into a habit of eating lean meats and vegetables so can't be a bad thing!


I've already noticed in 3 weeks a difference and my pace has improved my 20-30 seconds/minute as a result.


Hopefully the ballot next month will be favourable, if not I may look at either Brighton or Manchester for an April attempt at a GFA... though to be honest... sub 3 is where I am hoping to be! Cool


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