Less than 60 days to go!

Posted on: 20 Feb 2013

The hotel and train travel is all booked.... the training plan is 2/3rds complete and the sponsorship money is starting to come in.....

Suddenly its all becoming a little bit real!


Got a Quiz night arranged for March 2nd which should make big inroads to my target and plans for a Great British Bake Off type competition at work, with the cakes sold afterwards. That way I can get other people to make cakes to sell rather than just me! Genius!!!


My knee still isn't 100% happy. I think I must have bruised the top of my shin bone landing heavily on it from trying to jump puddles... After 10 days rest with only one light run, I shall give it another light run tomorrow in preparation for trying 17 miles again on Sunday. This time I shall heed some fellow bloggers advice and slow my pace down a little as I have been probably running a little too quick (at times my pace has wavered from sub 6 - 7:30 min miles).


It does become an issue as the mileage increases. Juggling work and home commitments seem fine when you are only out for an hour (I can do 9 miles in an hour) but when you start to be out for 2-3 hours once a week then its really hard to try and fit that in regularly.

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