Dave 1 Knee 1: A 20 mile run of two halves

Posted on: 24 Mar 2013


So after this weeks rematch I think I will settle for a score draw!

20 miles in 02:38:57, avergaing 7:56/mile, 163bpm and buring 2121 calories (looking forward to my Sunday Roast!!!!)

Managed 10 good miles at a comfortable 7:15 - 7:45/mile pace (depending on the incline and headwind) followed by my knee giving way and forcing me to slow up to around 8:00 - 8:30/mile pace

I have been so lucky with the weather compared to most. Plymouth hasn't seen any proper snow or ice and even though its been cold there have been times I have been able to break out the warm weather gear!

Today was looking ok but temperatures were only around 4 deg C so back to the winter tights and jacket for me. Unfortunately there was a bitter and gusty Northerly wind that I had to run uphill against for the first 4 1/2 miles but once I tunred off the main road I came out of this and the sun even threatened to start shining.

As I was attempting an increase in my mileage I turned left instead of right when I got to the Plym Valley and started running away from home for a mile or so before doubling back. By this stage the sun had broken through and it was strting to look like a beautiful Spring morning. I stopped to take a couple of pics. The first is the old Bickleigh Railway Stattion platform and the following 2 are of Bickleigh Tunnel. Its about half a mile long and curves so you can't see the ends. A few years back they installed lighting but you used to have to take a guess where the walls were (or run into them) as it used to be pitch black in the middle!

I didn't venture through the tunnel (except to take a photo) as I lost satelite reception and didn't want to have unrecorded data on my Garmin. Perhaos on my 22 mile run next week I will go through (will have to calculate the distance on Google!)


 The old Bickleigh Station platform

Tunnel near Bickleigh

Dark and damp in here!!

The extra miles also took me over a 4th viaduct that I got to run over twice (this one seems to be the longer and more open) but again I didn't stop to take a pic as it just wouldn't do it justice. So I have grabbed one from the net of one of the viaducts I run across.


The National Trust had the birdawtching telescopes set up for the public to watch the Peregrine Falcons nesting but I didn't want to stop for that and felt comfortable heading back towrds Plymouth. I had a gel at 7 miles and again at 13 and these sat with me ok.

However, after 10 miles my left knee (the dodgy one!) buckled and gave me a sharp jolt. So I slowed things up a bit and decided to just see how it coped. It buckled a few more times over the next 10 miles and was beginning to get quite sore towards the end. The after effects were my hip started taking more abuse because I was running funny and my calves started to seize with 5 miles to go.


Determined to run 20 miles I carried on and with a mile and a half to go turned my last corner for the home straight..... striaght into a bitterly cold headwind which took all the wind out of me and slowed me right up! I plodded the last mile and found it really hard. I don't think it was "The Wall" as I felt full of energy and not out of breath but me legs were hurting so bad from the last half of the run that I coudln't get them to work properly.

Still.... 20 miles now under my belt but how on earth I can do another 6 I don't know. I'll try 22 next weekend and then wind it down.

For those interested my run details are below. 




Wel done everyone running in the white stuff. I'm thankful for none of that at the very least!


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