Bombs won't stop us running - wear black armband on Sunday!

Posted on: 15 Apr 2013

I've just got back from a near 6 mile jog to hear that someone bombed the finish line at the Boston marathon killing 2 and injuring 24. I am stunned and horrified by the news and cannot even begin to imagine the fear and anxiety amongst those running.


Recent events have brought home how dangerous a marathon is with a death last year and also this year in Brighton.


We train so hard and push our bodies to the breaking limit but we never expect bombs. 


Thats why it's so important we stand by our Atlantic neighbour and run this weekend. We run with our heads held high and with no fear remembering those that came before us.


Sadly a marathon is a really soft target but regardless we can never let these maniacs win and so we go on!

I shall be wearing a black arm band on Sunday!!!

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