Road to recovery?

Posted on: 08 Mar 2013

With 6 weeks to go I am now in desperation trying everything I can and being as patient as possible to get my IBTS to recover.


3 gym sessions this week where I spent 5 minutes warming up on the elyptical trainer and the rest of the time on the floor. Not many blokes seem to use the 'floor' as its in the middle of the gym and doesn't involve moving massive weights!


However, I have enjoyed these sessions and hopefully they will help. Generally it involves a combination of 'mountain climbers, ski style squats with handweights, bridge with leg extensions, one legged squats, one legged balance and reach exercises as well as some core work combined with plenty of time with my knobbly foam roller (the gym rollers are rubbish).


These and more are supposed to help strengthen and stretch my knee, glutes and increase balance. Sometimes though I reckon I must look ridiculous standing on one leg trying not to fall over.... but if it helps... I'll do it!


I've also started using magnet therapy on my knee as well. I have no idea if it is a load of bunkum but I have a little magnet behind a plaster stuck to my knee where it hurts and will replace this every 5 days.


Tomorrow I plan to try a run but will aim to take it slow and steady and see how far I can get. Not having run at all for a week now is making me really itchy to get the trainers on.

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