Loving the Taper and Stripping Off at last!!!!

Posted on: 07 Apr 2013

For my first week of my taper I took a few days off from my last long run and set off on Wednesday night for a lovely short 5.5 miles. It felt strange to set off on an old route that I last ran right back near the start of my 6 month training programme back at the end of October last year. Its been a long journey since then...

My knee and calf was still taped up with Rocktape... (the physio had used spray glue before applying the tape to make it stick longer). Both knee and calf felt ok though a bit tight from the long run and to be honest, all my joints were beginning to feel the strain of all this training. I managed the 5.5 miles in 37.10 at an average pace of 6:45/mile which was starting to get back to my old pace before I picked up an injury.


The fundraising is also going well and I reckon I will smash my original target of £1750 abd get more than £2000. Whilst enjoying the tapor it gave me a chance to try and push the fundraising and I managed to get some publicity in my local paper.




Happy with that I carried out my long run of 11 miles on Saturday evening. THe sun had been shining all day and the temperature had been up so for the first time I put on my race gear shorts, t-shirt and charity vest top to try it out. It felt so good to finally striip off all that cold weather gear and I was sorely tempted to bin it having been completely fed up with running in tights and jacket and gloves for so long! By the time I set off the sun was setting and it had started to cool... perhaps I could have had a long sleeve on as it was a little cool but I soon warmed up.

As soon as I set off I felt completely different. My knee normally twinged from the very first step until the pain grows to a very sore level. This time round there was no pain at all. In fact I didn't feel much at all from it until around mile 7. I ran comfortably and quickly feeling confident with my legs. Of course by the end both knees were feeling it but it just feels like wear and tear from all the training.

I ended up doing 11 miles in 1:16:46 just coming in at 6:58/mile which wasn't bad considering I threw a couple of hills in there. I also got to run around the beautiful Plymouth Hoe (where Sir Francis Drake played bowls) which has got to be one of the most pituresque places to run in any UK city.

Details of my run


And a couple of pics of Plymouth Sound viewed from Plymouth Hoe (not by me)



2 weeks to go people!!!!!!

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