18 miles.... BOOM!!!! Dave 1 - Knee 0

Posted on: 17 Mar 2013

Took another easy week and saw the Phsio on Friday. £10 for an hour session with a final year student is blooming good value. Worked on my tight hamstring and also a bit of tendon that was running over part of my fibular. Was asked if I had gone over on my ankle and thought back to trying to jump flooded areas of footpath when my knee first gave me trouble. Looks like it has been a combination of ITBS, tight hamstring and impact trauma to the knee.

Still, the massage was great and I followed that up on Saturday by trying to give me knee and hamstring plenty of RICE.

My Sunday morning long run was again going to be a case of seeing how I got on. My knee felt ok but within the first minute I could already feel the pain coming back. It didn't feel quite as uncomfortable though so I thought I would just see how far I could get.

The sun was out so another chance to ditch the winter gear and get out in shorts and t-shirt. I prefer this than having to fully suit up and so as the sun shone down on me I ran with a smile... I actually found myself getting quite hot!

My usual scenic run takes me to the edge of Dartmoor before joining the Plym Valley cycle/footpath back to Plymouth. I said I would take photos this time so here's the view as I head into the Plym Valley.

As I ran back down the old railway line my knee felt ok. It still twinged but was holding up and I was surprised to find myself running between 7 and 7:20 pace as I had set out only to run what felt comfortable.

I stopped for a quick pic of one of the old railway cuttings and had intended to take a pic of one of teh 3 viaducts I run over but I was enjoying myself too much to stop by then.

It was when crossing the 2nd of those viaducts that I had an AWESOME moment as a Peregrine Falcon swooped up from underneath the viaduct and landed (briefly) on teh parapet about 6 feet from me. I was as shocked as it was and turned to watch it quickly take off and circle me giving me some verbal abuse for running on its bridge!

As I got to mile 11 and back into Plymouth the weather changed quite dramatically. It got very cold and the wind picked up followed by a sharp shower of rain and sleet. This didn't do my legs any good and instantly my knee started to seize up a little so slowing me down.

At mile 13 it stayed cold but was by now dry and I ate a handful of jelly babies as I had not taken gels with me this time. Definitely not as good as the gels!

Over the next 5 miles my knee started to get quite sore as did my other knee, clearly from the long run rather than anything else. My clafs started to cramp as they were compensating for the knee and I generally began to hurt but was determined to finish.

Overall 18 miles in 2:18:46 at an average pace of 7:42/mile having burnt 1818 calories and averaged 158bpm (you can tell I was taking it easy as I usually average 165!)

Details of my run are here:





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