Round trip of 400 miles & a sneaky look at the Start Line!

Posted on: 18 Apr 2013

So I am leaving London, currently sat on a train with all my Marathon Expo freebies that I picked up (basically anything that wasn't nailed down)... seriously, take a bag and the fill it up with free samples of shot bock from all the different stands..... you'll have enough to last months!!!

Had a meeting this morning in Blackheath and couldn't resist taking a peak at the Start Line.... not much of a line at the moment but the barriers are going up, the portaloos are in place (hundreds of them but probaby still not enough!) and the big metal arch's ready to take banners and so on are being erected. All very exciting so had to take a pic of the loos!

 Stupid RB site has reduced my image to a thumnail grrrrr! You will just have to use your imagination!

Or if you want to see the full size pic then add me on Twitter and check my tweets, or add me anyway for random Marathon tweets!  @DaveVickerstaff

So now I am on a train heding back to Plymouth and will get all my gear packed tonight. Then back on a train to London tomorrow morning for the weekend.

Will keep an eye out for anyRB's on shirts.... just have to work out how best to do mine as I don't have any iron on RB letters...

Anyways, have fun at the expo and don't gettoo carried away with those credit cards... 



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