No snow and no running

Posted on: 22 Mar 2013

After changing tack the last 2 weeks and cutting back to one run at the weekend I have continued on this course.

Absolutely no running again this week, just a couple of sessions in the gym working on my core. I havent even done any cardio work the last 3 weeks except for my weekend run for fear of hurting the knee.

But after a successful 18 miles last Sunday I hope to try the same this weekend or even better.

Ideally I would have liked another physio session but couldn't fit it in this week so will see how I go.

For now I m glad not to be running through the floodwater and torrential rain but even happier not to be faced with snow like so many of you. 

For those that are upset with the snow I an only retell the story of 2 ladies in Winconsin who are also running for JDRF at the VLM the year and have been training in some of the worst snow in living memory for their town. Apparently they got over 23 feet of snow this March already!!!! That's feet not inches! Ive seen the photos of them completing a 20 mie run in snow and they look like they have been crossing the Antarctic!


Stay safe everyone venturing out onto the white stuff!

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