My kind of taper! - Prepping for the VLM

Posted on: 19 Apr 2015

So.... I am runner number 45777

Running for the RNLI wearing a yellow RNLI vest and bright orange shorts aiming for sub 7 minute miles (just).


After my decision to go off plan I really wanted to get one more long run in but it never happened. 

So..... How has my taper gone?

10 days ago I managed an 8 mile lunchtime run in 52:40and was just 23 seconds away from hitting a sub 40 minute 10k... (That was PB quick)

I was in London on Wednesday and went for a 13.3 mile run in 1:37 on the hottest day of the year so far. It was 25C in central London and I sweated buckets. But I did take in part of the VLM route from the Cutty Sark to Canary Wharf. I just hope it gets cooler next weekend as there was no escape from the sun and it really sapped me.

Then today I ran a little less going only 9.8 miles in 1:06:41

I know I was pushing but I was also practising my breathing trying to be relaxed and not over stretching myself. I felt like I had more to give and didn't realise I was running so quick.


With all the stories about Brighton and then Manchester... It has led to this week building up a real sense of excitement. I can't wait to get to the expo on Friday and then take my place at the start.


I honestly don't know how I'm going to do. I'm very under prepared having managed only a little over 300 miles in training this time due to injury, illness and life in general. According to my running log my training for the VLM has consisted of only 42 runs over 334 miles in 39 hours. Possibly a tad light.....'


I set out hoping to get a GFA.


I would settle for a PB but in reality I will love it either way.... Even if I crawl over the line. 

If you are watching and see me somewhere between the 3:00 and 3:15 pacers then please give me a buzzers shout!


For those that are running.... Why don't we sort out a meet point inside the red staging area?


Good luck... See you in London 😎


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