Pushing it!

Posted on: 10 Mar 2015

So my last post saw me taking an injury break at the end of January. I'd seen a chiropractor/sports physio who identified a problem with my back and I ended up not running for a couple of weeks. Perhaps it was good timing but I caught a really bad case of flu that knocked me out for over a week and left me with a terrible cough.

The result.... A 5 week break in my training just when the big miles were coming in! Frown


I won't lie. It got me down.... I didn't feel like I had anything to write about so sort of retreated a little. I had to watch as one of my work colleagues also training for london hit her lunchtime runs whilst I did nothing. The flu and cough meant I couldn't even do any criss training as just felt like a complete wreck.


So.... 5 weeks later I started with a small 6 mile lunchtime run then the following weekend the weather was terrible so I hit the dreadmill. I figured that it would be easier on my leg which still felt a little tight. I ended up doing 10 miles with some core work in the gym halfway through to break it up as it was sooooooo boring.


Having tested the leg I threw in a 8 mile lunchtime run (56 minutes) and a 4.6 mile lunchtime sprint (31 minutes) during the week culminating in 16 miles on Sunday.


And what a 16 miles!!!! God it was hard...  I ran uphill for the first 4 miles then down the plym valley track back into plymouth for the next 6. I managed a couple more hills and rattled through 13.1 miles in 1:35 leaving me 2.9 miles to get home. Admittedly my pace slowed and my thighs burned but it felt like I had at least started to get back on track. Managed the 16 miles in 1:57 so reasonably happy.


For some reason I then thought it a good idea to have an ice bath.... Never tried one before


OMG... That was cold!!!!! But it seemed to do the job and 2 days later I haven't had any residual muscle fatigue.


London will not beat me..... Bring it on!!! 😉




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