Post Event recovery and next event planning!

Posted on: 24 May 2015

Every great athlete knows the key to success is post analysis of performance.

Now I'm no great athlete but if I want a GFA then lessons need to be learnt. This was my 2nd marathon and I learnt from my first having sorted out my pre race hydration better. 

This time round I look back on my race and I know that going over on that bottle definitely did some damage. 4 weeks later and my ankle is still sore if I push it sideways or extend too much. 

I also know that if I want a GFA then I really need to try and run more on line as the extra 0.3miles does matter.

Finally I recognised that I really messed up my refueling. I took 2 packs of shot blocks with me and only ate one for the whole race. I didn't take on any gels at the gel stations and only had a few sips of lucozade. Whilst I felt got the hydration right.... My legs just ran out of steam those last few miles and I'm sure its down to poor refueling.


This is what it takes to strive to improve. To recognise what you can do better and then try try again!

Now... Since London I have only run about once a week (usually at lunch in work) and its felt heavy going but my pace is good happily knocking out 6:30 miles for 4-7 miles fairly consistently.


Entry to 2016 is in... But with nearly 1/4 million people entered and twice the number if the usual ballot it is only a 6% chance of getting in. I've run twice through the charity route now and whilst I love running for a cause its bloody hard work when I would rather focus on the running.


What's next?????


I think I'm going to join a club. Plymouth Harriers meet on a Wednesday night and that might suit my work/home life. 


I've also entered Bournemouth marathon on 4th October. It looks a fairly flat course so maybe I can push a little bit closer to that GFA. If I don't get in next year then Brighton or Manchester is definitely on the cards. I will be 40 next May and if I'm honest I want that GFA before 40... Maybe even a sub 3... Hell... I can dream 😎


Anyone else doing Bournemouth?


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