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Posted on: 23 Oct 2016

There are many great thing about living with another runner.  The obvious is that we share the passion and enthusiasm about running and can incorporate our hobby into time together.  The less obvious benefit is that there’s lots of opportunity to be a complete running nerd.   The enthusiasm that Red Dave and I can put into plotting routes, targets and mile splits etc can be a tad worrying at times!

One example of this (as David has already blogged about) is park run times.  Now I have to confess that earlier in the year I had lost my running mojo.  I’d struggled at the Manchester marathon and just wasn’t feeling fit or enthusiastic.  I was still running of course but found myself plodding without purpose.  David and I park run nearly every week; often with some friends.  We are park run tarts as we have 5 or 6 within about 20 minutes so will alternate between them.  During my ‘meh’ phase my park run times were consistently going over 28 minutes and I was not happy.  So I decided to set myself some targets to motivate myself to get my times down as follows: I was to go under 28 minutes by the end of July; under 27 minutes by the end of August; under 26 minutes by the end of September; and get an overall PB in at least one of our 5 regular park runs before the year is over.  David jumped on board with the idea straight away and set himself corresponding targets.  Being the nerds that we are we drew up a little chart with our targets on and our PBs for the different park runs and stuck it on our notice board!  I’m pleased to say that I smashed my targets out of the park (run) and went under 26 minutes as early as mid August.  There’s nothing like a target and a bit of healthy rivalry to get some enthusiasm back.  I haven’t got my PB yet but will give this my all to make sure I do before the year is out!

Talking of healthy competition I’m keeping a close eye on Hollywood’s 5k challenge! I want to get back under 25 minutes before he does!!!! We’ve declared ourselves as competing on facebook so watch this space (We both achieved a sub 25 minute park run for the very first time on the same day last year – at different ends of the country).

Sadly my long distance running is not going quite so well.  I’ve struggled on every single long training run for Snowdon and haven’t even gone over 16 miles.  My 16 mile metric marathon in Chester was a disaster from around 10 miles onwards.  David and I had (very nerdy again) worked out a plan that meant there was a good chance we’d see each other at the end of my 16 miles and his 26 (he started before me).  But it didn’t happen as he managed to catch me up really early as I’d slowed down so much.  I did get a problem with my knee in Chester which came from absolutely nowhere.  I even pulled up in the St John’s Ambulance hut at one point to get some paracetamol.  I have seriously considered pulling out of Snowdon as I struggled so much during that run; and in anything in double figures in training.  But I know that I’m lucky that I can run at all and that it would be very ‘un-realbuzzy’ of me to pull out. So I will do my best next Saturday and enjoy the weekend.  But it’ll be a slow one for me in Snowdon!  In fact the rest of you will probably have time to go back and shower before I cross the finish line!

Today was my last proper run before Snowdon.  It was a joy to run in the beautiful autumn sunshine.  David had 10 miles to do and I had 9.  We can’t run together as he’s on average one minute per mile quicker than me.  But we do like to be out at the same time and, being the nerds that we are, we devised a plan today that would ensure that we saw each other at least a couple of times.  The first 1 ½ miles of our route took us past the stables where my daughters look after a horse and through a beautiful tree lined bridleway.  Then we hit a less interesting but nicely traffic free cycle path. Because of the meticulous way we’d planned our run (!) I was either ahead or behind David for much of the run so could see him a lot. And we managed to pass and exchange a few words of encouragement 3 times.  The only problem for me was that I hit my predictable ‘wall’ at around 6 miles today which was not particularly welcome.  Although today I think that lack of proper fuelling was probably my issue.

Talking of marathons; I have a confession to make.  I’m actually pleased that I didn’t get into the London Marathon 2017.  I had started to feel after Manchester that a year off from marathon training would do me good.  I decided that it would be a New Year’s resolution NOT to run a marathon in 2017 (he he I could never have imagined this 3 years ago!!).  I am excited about focusing on running fitness for 5k; 10k and half marathons instead.  Plus I want to free up some time for other forms of fitness such as weights and even a dance class that I’ve just started doing.  As the magazines were coming out there was a part of me that felt excited at the thought of getting in London but it’s good for me that I didn’t.  That said, congratulations to all who did get in.  The fun starts here!  For those who are doing it for the first time you are in for the most incredible roller coaster both in training and the race itself.  This site will be your lifeline so keep blogging.

That’s it from me for now.  I will see what everyone else has been up to and look forward to meeting up with lots of Buzzers next weekend!! 



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