3 weeks to go!

Posted on: 04 Aug 2014

Well, we are on track! Warm 18 miler yesterday (3hrs 36 minutes) so we seem to be running bang on 5 miles an hour. Hamstring is a little sore but other than that, we are looking good to go. The day will be tough (squishing 10/12 weeks of training into 4) but it is definitely looking achievable. Mich's goal is to finish without walking and, all being well, it looks like we will do it! :D

I will certainly miss our thrice weekly nattering sessions. It has been lovely spending time with my little sister and workig towards a goal together.

We were sniggering yesterday at what this year of training has encapsulated. Mich has lost 3 toenails, several layers of skin from her foot, suffered various injuries including twisting her ankle/sore IT band (all diagnosed a few weeks ago as wearing trainers a half size too small), water infections. We have also run through torrential rain where we couldn't see where we were going, fog, hail storms, gale force winds, heatwaves. It has certainly been challenging and all in all, taking into account injury recovery and my pushing too hard on the half, we have run just over 40 runs this year, which falls far short of our planned three times a week. BUT, we are nearly there. 3 weeks away from the day and we are up to 18 miles with a planned 20 on sunday. It will be tough but it is definitely defintely do-able. It may not have gone according to but we have hung in there and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves despite all the challenges. I am looking forward to crossing the line holding hands, stupid grins on our faces because together we will have ticked off one of Mich's life goals :D Life is good, people.

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