A compliment to end the year

Posted on: 01 Jan 2016

Final run of 2015 done yesterday afternoon. It was a wet one, but not unpleasant, 11.1 kms round the woods, and included an amusing incident which sent me home in a good mood for my evening at work. At one point I had to squeeze past 3 men walking abreast, exchanging a smile and a "Grüezi!" with them. Some half an hour later, I came up behind the same trio, still walking 3 abreast; same procedure. This time, as I passed, I caught a comment from one of them: "........ kommt wieder dieses Reh von hinten........." - 'this deer is coming from behind again.' I laughed and thanked them for the compliment - it's not often I find myself compared with a deer! More like.........

One snail to another: "Watch out, I'm overtaking!" While a watching frog comments: "Great racing!" (Hmm, maybe it loses something in the translation............. but it amused me anyway.)

December will get a proper write-up presently, but for now, I just want to wish everyone all the best for the coming year. May the running gods smile on you and keep you injury-free; may 2016 be the year of the PB, the challenge met, the long-awaited success. Whatever you choose to do, I hope to read about it on here and enjoy sharing your adventures. Happy New Year!

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