The other half

Posted on: 26 May 2015

Thursday 7th May: some slight stiffness after the Wolhusen race, so a short walk (1 hour, 5.17 kms) round the Horw peninsula helped. Enjoyed the last of the evening sun before it disappeared behind the mountains; said hello to the Highland cattle; sitting on a bench while J. delivered some papers to Boy Farmer and collected some fresh milk, I watched a deer wandering casually down the fields. It doesn't always have to be high octane stuff to be worthwhile.

Sunday 10th May: we finally got round to doing the other half of the 'Weg der Schweiz', starting with the train to Flüelen again. The path to Sisikon is very ingenious, sandwiched into the narrow strip of land between the lake on one side and main transport routes (road and railway) on the other, while still managing to be interesting and scenic. The occasional train did pass at thunderously close quarters, and we did at times have to share our route with the frantically busy Axenstrasse, but there were also peaceful bits through woodland, with lots of steps up and down, stretches of the now disused old road, a few vertiginous bridges, and a couple of tunnels. Oh, and the Tellskapelle, 'where William Tell leapt ashore from a boat during a violent storm.' (Guides have been fooling gullible tourists for aeons with this legend.) Plenty of variety in only 7 kms. I passed up the chance of a refreshment break there in the expectation of getting something at Sisikon before embarking on the more strenuous section of the walk........ but no very obvious hostelry presented itself there, and J. was disinclined to go in search of one, so I settled for a five minute sit on a bench by the lake, half a muesli bar, two bites of apple, and some now rather tepid water - not much of a dinner! J's foot was hurting, so I gave him the option of ending the walk here if he wanted, and getting a train or boat home, but he said he was okay to carry on. We refilled the water bottle at a trough, and set off on the uphill trek towards Morschach. After our Ticino walking, it actually seemed pretty mild! - and we beat the times on the signposts with ease. Soon we were coasting across the sunny uplands high above the lake, and I anticipated sitting down to my beer and pizza at that nice Italian restaurant within the half hour. An unexpected bit of private enterprise - a small girl selling wristbands she had made - detained us for a couple of minutes (I don't suppose she gets too many customers up there, so J. said I should buy one - it cost all of 1 franc), but soon we were indeed sitting on the restaurant's sunny terrace enjoying the rewards of the just. When the waiter came to ask if we would like dessert, I ordered another beer........... J. another salad! A gratis Amaretto rounded the meal off nicely. So.......... were we actually going to finish this walk, and make it down to Brunnen on foot? Officially it was J's injury that was the decider, but really we were now just too relaxed and well-fed and had lost the impetus. So we decided to leave it at 13.37 kms for today and get the bus. We've now walked all the route except the two ends, and I think it should be possible to do both of those on the same day, once the boats are running to the summer timetable. Another little project to add to the growing list.

After that, just a little walk in the Bireggwald the following Tuesday evening: tapering for........... Tell you next time!

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