"Vyesna idyoht, vyesna idyoht............"

Posted on: 22 Feb 2016

............or Cyrillic script to that effect. My knees were very stiff today after yesterday's tempo training (or what passes for tempo training these days), so I thought a walk in the woods might sort that out - and what a wonderful day for it it was! A mild and sunny 16°; birds twittering, flowers unfolding, buds beginning to appear on the trees, a pair of Brimstone butterflies flitting across the path: one of those days just on the cusp of spring........... were it not for the unfortunate fact that the forecast for tomorrow and the rest of the week is for gloomy, rainy, much colder conditions and the likelihood of snow showers. But as I walked, into my head popped this line from a Rachmaninov song I used to enjoy singing (though I doubt I could sing it now - I think my poor, ageing vocal cords might snap!) "Spring is coming, spring is coming........"  Digging decades deep into the memory banks, I managed to come up with most of the rest of it too, during the course of the walk.

Okay, found it! - culture time:

"Весенние воды" = "Spring waters"

Ещё в полях белеет снег,
А воды уж весной шумят --
Бегут и будят сонный брег,
Бегут, и блещут, и гласят...

Они гласят во все концы:
«Весна идёт, весна идёт!
Мы молодой весны гонцы,
Она нас выслала вперёд.

Весна идёт, весна идёт,
И тихих, теплых майских дней
Румяный, светлый хоровод
Толпится весело за ней!...»

You can probably spot the line. (It comes twice.) Anyway, thank you Mr. Rachmaninov. The sentiment may be a little premature, but the pleasure of rediscovery definitely added something extra to my already sunny mood.

And the knees? Much better for their little outing, thanks.

More relevant running-related post to follow soon!

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