Edenbridge 18th August 2013

Posted on: 06 Oct 2013

Edenbridge (3 miles)

Instructions were brilliant.  Didn’t get lost once, so this walk gets good marks overall.  Parked for free in the railway station car park. 

Had to sneak into the pub to spend a penny before we got started but no one seemed to notice. 

Grey sky threatening at the start of the walk.


Mostly on the flat, no churches so hubby declared the walk boring, but we did spy some birdies and a couple of dogs seemed to take an interest in us. 

Stopped for a banana and packet of crisps in a another field and just laid down to watch the clouds.

Went through an odd fenced off area containing a herd of deer (venison farm?)  They certainly gave us a wide berth.


Photo break at what may have been Edenbridge, the moat was bright green, it looked solid, a bit gross, but the sun came out and everything looked nice. 

Apparently marks the site of the former Broxham Manor.


Timed it well for a change as got back to the car just as the heavens opened.

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