A time of Ups n Downs or is it Downs n Downs!!

Posted on: 17 Feb 2016

Good afternoon all,

Hope everyones training has been going well. I have been trying to keep up with all the blogs on here but yet again failing miserably so going to try and catch up at home later as Mr B is away tonight so got a quiet evening to myself!

A would like to say our VLM training is totally on track but sadly due to various illnesses & injuries this is not the case!! 

Thankfully my knee niggle appears to have cleared up OK - I did go out and buy a good support & wore this a couple of times & obviosuly helped as no more niggles as yet!

Sadly not the same can be said for Mr B, we were all prepared and headed out for a 10 mile training run the Sunday before last & got about 3 miles into the run when his left calf completely went, he tried to continue on but he was in too much pain & didnt want to risk further injury, especially at this stage into our training & after other set backs we'd had due to colds etc! I was going to carry on alone and him walk/limp back home but the route we had planned took us up through some woods & past Bullingdon prison but neither myself or Mr B were very keen on me going that way alone. I'm not saying some maniac who had escaped & was out to murder someone might be lurking in the woods but I know I would have felt uneasy going through their on my own as it is quite remote! Also if by some chance someone was out to create mischief I'm sadly not quick enough to get away from them so reluctantly abandoned going on and ran back home leaving Mr B limping along behind me! As it was a Sunday he had to wait to go to see the physio the next day. Thankfully nothing too major & diagnosed with a calf strain so advised to rest for a few days.

So recently I have been training alone, with 2-3 shorter runs during the week & a longer run at the weekend. Unfortunately I'm not one of these people who can run 5-6 times a week as it just knackers me so only out 3-4 times a week.

As Mr Bs calf still didn't pain free enough for him to join me I planned to do the long run last Sunday when he went to see his sons. I had mapped out a 5-6 mile route out through the local villages & back in again. Not the most interesting of routes but one where I wasn't off the beaten track & again too remote.

Although I had fuelled up the night before on a yummy pasta tea & had a good breakfast I was miffed to find myself getting tired after only 3 to 4 miles & just could not get focused on the run. I was so frustrated as felt so positive before I set off & was looking forward to getting out there & building up the much needed training miles under my belt. I admit here that I was so tempted to call it a day & turn back round & go home but sheer bloody determination made me plod on to the place I had marked on the route for a quick water & energy gel break. Well I think the energy part of the gel had dropped out of the one I had taken as felt 10 times worse heading back home! It didnt help that I was running into a freezing cold & strong headwind & at times it felt like I was running backwards.

I was getting increasingly frustrated with myself ( I could have made a fortune if I had taken a swearbox with me!!) as my legs just felt sapped of all energy & was getting slower & slower.

I don't know if it was through the frustration at my slow tired self or due to everything that has happened over the past 9 months finally hit me as I am ashamed to say I just plonked myself on the grass verge and just starting sobbing my heart out. I sat there feeling a pathetic useless mess & just wanted to curl up into a ball & stay there till someone felt sorry for me & took me home (or to the loony bin!). Maybe after all this time of trying to cope with all the loss we have been through it was what I finally needed, I just wished it could have been in a wamer more private location than outside in the freezing cold with cars & bike riders dashing past me thinking I had escaped from the loony bin!! One group of bike riders did slow down to see if I was OK but I just waved them on with a thumbs up.

Anyway I sat there for a few more minutes & as I didn't particularly want to sit there & freeze to death, gave myself a good slap around the head & set off for home. In my mind I was thinking if my poor Mum could go through what she did for 6 months before she passed away withnot a moan or grumble I can bloody well run a few more miles!! It wasnt a pretty or easy run home but it got done & although it was a darned grotty 10 miles I was pleased with myself that I stuck there & got through it (despite the blip along the way!)

Went out last night after I got home & managed just under 5k - I felt pretty good although my left calf felt a tad tight so plently of stretching for me over the next few days.

Planning a 12-13 miler this weekend & not sure if Mr B will be OK to join me but I've got to get it done as feel like I'm lagging behind on building up the longer runs this time round but we will get there as still a few weeks to go!!

Thank you in advance for reading my woeful blog!!  Hopefully my next one will be a bit cheerier!!

Happy & Healthy training to you all :-)


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