A quick hello

Posted on: 12 Sep 2015

Good morning everyone.

well I have finally been trying to keep up with everyone on here. Lots of amazing feats over the last several weeks were smashed and more to come by the Realbuzz legends In the next few weeks. 

unfortunately not much running has been achieved by myself again lately. Life for us has been pretty much work, hospital visits, getting everything ready to take Kieran down to Bournemouth University next week (of which I am a mixture of emotions - dread for me & excitement for him) and catching up on house/garden chores.  I have also not been sleeping very well and wake up most nights and when I do sleep I often have awful dreams......the mind can play cruel tricks on us sometimes! So most mornings I wake up more tired than when I went to bed so not in the best frame of running mind! 

Sadly mum has gone downhill again over the past few weeks, and the hospital visits have been very upsetting and difficult to witness. But as much as it is difficult for us it must be a 100 times worse for mum. She has been getting very upset over the last few visits and reminiscing over the past, as with lots of families there have been issues, arguments and fall outs and she has been getting regretful about certain events but we just tell it's all in the past and no longer matters. 

She is due to go over to the JR hospital next week to have a food PEG fitted as she can no longer sallow food,bless her, she isn't even able to have normal water & has to have it thickened so no chance of choking. She is only allowed to be fed about 4 teaspoons of tea & I know she is dying for a decent cuppa - the things we take for granted eh!  But she now has another infection so back on anti-biotics so will have to wait & see. So again it is a waiting game for us all.

As a lot of you already know me & Mr B have been given BHF charity places for VLM 2016 so have got to work out a training plan around everything else that is going on as this run will be very close to my heart so want to do the best that I can! 

finally I want to wish Kathy all the best in her Thames Path Challenge today, you have trained so well for it so I'm positive you will do yourself proud & hope the sun is shining on you. 😄👏👏👏👏


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