VLM 2016 - 1 out of 2 isn't bad!

Posted on: 05 Oct 2015

Good afternoon all

Firstly I just want to congratulate again the amazing buzzer legends Jim & Dave for the 102 Cotswold Way they both recently completed. Just awesome guys & I enjoyed reading Jims blog so much, a gusty, honest and emotional blog and had me in tears & now also looking forward to reading Daves. I am in awe of you both!

As most of you know that are regular readers of my blog my mother suffered a severe stroke back in May. Sadly we know she is never going to recover from this and it is now just a case of keeping her as comfortable as possible. As she is unable to swallow and eat 'normal' food she had an operation last week to have a liquid food PEG fitted, thankfully this all went well but still very upsetting to see her this way. I'm sure all of you who have watched a loved one through illness & suffer from pain know how distressing it can be. We are due to have a meeting wth the hospital this week to discuss the future - as yet we have no clue on this at all, which just adds to the stress. To look into your mothers eyes and see the sadness & dispair there is just heart breaking & I wish we could take all the pain & illness away from her but sadly we can't. And as blunt as it sounds it is currently just a waiting game with an as yet unknown ending.

Desite all that has been going on life does move on and this week has been amother waiting game for many a buzzer......yes the dreaded/keenly anticipated VLM ballot result!! Well as in my blog title 1 out of 2 isn't bad! Both me & Mr B entered back in April doubtful that we would get a place due to the amount of entries that would be made in the time the ballot was now open. Is it a 1 in 40 chance of success? Not sure of the statistics? Anyway a text popped over from Mr B on Thursday with a picture of his "You're In" magazine. I text my congrats back with "what have I got" - I wasn't surprised to to hear mine was a magazine with a top (a very nice top I must add) I think after hearing about lots of No's we were very lucky to get one yes. And considering I got a yes 2 years ago in my first ballot entry and Mr B got a yes in his second we have been very fortunate as know many wait years and still don't get one. 

Well done to all that did get a yes and sorry to hear of those that also got a no. 

Again, many of you might recall after my sons father died suddenly in April this year at the age of 46 due to a heart attack both me and Mr B contacted the British Heart Foundation and completed a registration form for a charity place in 2016. Also as both my Father & Stepfather died to heart related problems it is a charity very close to my heart. We were both chuffed to get a call from them in August offering us both a place, and although we were more than willing to fund raise it was quite a daunting to think we needed to raise the £4000 minimum amount between us so when Mr B received his place in the ballot we were pretty relieved as this will now take away a lot of the fundraising stress & we still get to run together (well from when the 2 starts merge as doubt we will be as lucky as we were in 2014 sneaking Mr B into the blue start) And at least someone else now on the BHF waiting list will get their chance to run.

So although a lot of running has been put on hold this year due to Mums illness & we've had to regretfully cancel 2 events (I do hope people don't think I wimped out of these as others may have been stronger & able to continue with the training and taking part but I have just not been emotionally or physically prepared & I know deep down it was the right decision at that time) we have now set up a training plan for London, so have got to stick with it as no matter what other events may be affecting us as this is one event I really want to do again. 

Mr B has even promised Holiywood that he will be starting his own blog so keep your eyes peeled for this as my nagging never worked! One word from HD and Tony Tiny listened lol! Can you tel me your secret HD? 

Well the next few weeks are going to be more wonderful buzzer events. York this Sunday and then Snowdon 2 weeks later. I apologise but I am unsure of all of you who are running York this Sunday but wishing you all lots of luck. If you are running and there's a tracker can you let me know your running number so I can look out for you. Thanks 

Happy Running all 😄😄


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