A new year, a new start!

Posted on: 08 Jan 2017

Apologies for the slightly late good wishes but Happy Hew Year to everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful festive season.

I am totally ashamed to say that I have not blogged since May last year, I haven't even got any decent excuses for not blogging so I'm not going to even try. 

i really don't know what happened to my running mojo last year, after the VLM it just vanished. I had no enthusiasm for it at all, I done the odd run here and there but nothing to shout about so it was tucked away in the back of a drawer somewhere & although I tried to rummage through now again and pull it back out it just wouldnt budge. I felt guilty, I felt low, I didn't feel worthy of being a buzzer so avoided coming on here! 

Thanfully I didn't sit idly about, we started on renovating/tidying up mums garden as me and tony will be moving into her house when the extension is completed. The plans have now been approved and now just waiting for builders quotes to be finalised before we give the go-ahead to whoever we contract to start the build. It's quite a lot of work involved (around 74sq meters) plus all the existing rooms need clearing and decorating but we are fortunate enough to be able to stay in our current house until most of the work is finished else I think I would have a complete melt down living amongst all the mess!! But we took the opportunity to get all the garden that wouldn't be affected by the new build sorted in the meantime......hours and hours of garden labour certainly keeps you fit! But really chuffed with what we have done so far and can't wait to the spring to see it all come back to life again.

As a lot of you recall I was made redundant in Sept last year, not the best news after all we went through the year before, but it was a nice opportunity to take a couple of months off and get my head together and take some time out and spend some time on the garden. 

I also put the job search on hold late Oct/early Nov as we had our holiday to Mauritius coming up so seemed pointless applying for jobs if not around for the interviews! In December new job vacancies are few and far between so have started my job search in earnest this week. I had a couple of phone calls from recruiters last week so fingers crossed something comes from these as really can't afford to be out of work too much longer! I have had a few sleepless nights worrying about it so I'm hoping my situation changes soon

Although we had an absolutely brilliant time in Mauritius, a stunningly beautiful island, fantastic hotel and amazing food (don't think I have ever eaten so much!) it certainly showed on my waist (and everywhere else!) by the time we got back.

It didn't help that a got a nasty tummy bug in December followed by that crappy cold that was going around so my movement was even less! I only got out of bed Xmas day to eat my dinner (thankfully the tummy bug had gone by then) and then crawl back upstairs to my sick bed so not the jolliest of Christmases in our house! 

By the time new year was here I felt like a big fat unfit blob and knew that things had to change hence 'a new year, a new start'

So to kickstart the new year and a new(ish) me I have enrolled back into my Pilates and Yoga classes and me and Tony have also joined our local running club so will be going out for our first run with them this week and will also be heading off to the Bicestar park run next Saturday. 

The running club will be the ideal motivation I need and will also put us in touch with various events that we can enter as it's always good to have those on the not too distant horizon and have something to aim for. Whether that's marathons, half marathons, 10ks, 5ks......its all running! 

I am also excited and really looking forward to being in the cheering squad for both the VLM & Snowdon weekends, they are really building up to be absolutely brilliant events and can't wait to cheer our RB legends round. What a year 2017 is going to be. I have had a really shitty couple of years so surely good things have got to come my way this year?

Anyway it feels good to be back blogging on here so onwards and upwards.

Happy running everyone 😄😄😄🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻



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