Thank you my realbuzz family

Posted on: 20 Apr 2015

Once again huge congrats to everyone who has competed in Brighton, Paris & Manchester recently. What an amazing couple of weekends it has been. I did try and track the Manchester runners yesterday but the combination of the crappy (or crack!!) tracker and my fuzzled cocktail hangover head it wasnt going too well & took me almost till they had finished to work out how it worked!! Let's hope they imrpove on that (and I'll try and improve on my hangover!)

I have also loved reading all the blogs. Fantastic accounts of everyone's days!!

Although I wanted to again congratulate all on the results at the above events my main reason for coming on here today is to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU to all of you who commented on my last blog. As you know Brighton was not a great day health wise for me which resulted in a not so great finish time and I was silly enough to let this get me very down and I was so close to calling it a day.

But after lots of verbal slaps (deserved) & wonderful words from you all it bought me back to my senses and made me realise what I did actually achieve last weekend. 18 months ago I hadnt even run (or couldnt run) a mile. Now I have run AND COMPLETED 2 full marathons, 2 half marathons with Oxford half & Snowdon planned for this coming October. So I have now picked up my Brighton finisher T-shirt from the corner of the bedroom where I childishly chucked it last week and dug the medal out from the drawer where I'd hidden it and worn them to my sports massage visit with pride.

Thankfully there was no major damage to my calf with just a few torn fibres and on advice from physio have been resting it with lots of stretching as well. It still doesnt feel quite right so have not yet run since last Sunday but hoping to get out this week for a 2-3 miler to ease it in.

Then it will be looking fowards and training will start for Snowdon. What a great buzzer event that will also be, I cant wait.

I will also put in for 2016 VLM ballot - but after Boltys post not sure how much luck we will have there!!  And a few buzzers have mentioned Manchester next year so what do ya reckon guys??? Another buzzer event for 2016?

Anyway once again to my realbuzz family - I couldnt be without you and your constant amazing support......thank you, thank you, thank you  :-) xx


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