Famous last words!!!

Posted on: 03 May 2016

Good afternoon everyone,

Well just a quick catchup visit this afternoon.

Since London my running has been a big fat zero!! I thought my tiredness was just due to the marathon and my old body trying to recover but have been full of cold and just didn't have the energy to run. Thankfully it is now starting to shift so will hopefully get back out there over the next day or so.

Going back to my post title!!  As I was knackerdly shuffling my way round the final few miles of London last week I said to Mr B "If I ever say I want to do another marathon again give me a good hard slap around my face" so keeping true to my word I was straight onto the ipad yesterday morning and signed me & Mr B up for VLM 2017!!

Famous last words eh!!!

Now some other challenges to find!!

Happy & healthy running all :-)





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